Travel with Kids

Travel with your kids can be a challenge but you have to know that there are local guides who can make your travel easier and fun for your kids.

This June I had a small group of 23 people and 9 of them were kids from the age of 4 to the age of 16. At the beginning I was a little bit worry that this journey thought Italy could be a little difficult for my job as guide. I was afraid of having 9 little devils…. but it tuned in one of my best experience. Of course as a guide you have to be prepared to engage the minds of this little humans….. but let me tell you they are so intelligent and their questions are never stupid.

In Rome we visited the Vatican Museums and many other sights such as the Colosseum, and the squares of Rome but one stop was a real MUST….. a gelato stop near by the Pantheon. They were waiting for this stop and I could not upset their expectations.

We travel in some other parts of Italy but I belive a family with kids should visit small towns such as Assisi because in this town I was that my little group of Angels, ah yes…. they were not little devils but Angels, enjoyed so much the small streets of the medieval town.

My Angels were Rachel, Anna, Abby, Ashlyn, Brooklyn, Gracie and three boys Drew, Nicholas and Lucas, at the end of the tour they wrote me incredible letters with so much love in them, I read them on my way back to rome when I was on the train and tears filled my eyes. This is the mission of a guide… this is why I work as guide. I can never thank them enough.

They learned so much from the guides and if you plan it with the right people and in the right way your kids will be having a memory for the rest of their life.