Professional Tour with Michela

Recently twenty-five young people and I traveled to Rome For World Youth Day. Michela acted as our personal travel agent in Rome. Michela arranged all of our “cene” bus transportation, and tours of the Fori, Colosseo and the Musei Vaticani. All was done professionally and at the same time with true Christian concern for the young people of our Parish. Added to this was service above and beyond that which was required of her. When one of our youngsters slipped and hit his head, she accompanied him and our Youth Minister to Bambino Gesù Hospital as interpreter for the boy and the Youth Minister all day and evening until the appropriate tests and diagnosis were made. She later treated our Youth Minister to dinner.

Michela is not only an excellent travel agent but also an exemplary Christian woman who I am please to recommend to you.

Rev. William M. Sullivan