Hi! My name is Michela but you can call me the Guru!

Guru in Sanskrit indicates someone who is a guide, an expert, a master.

  • a guide….. yes I am! I work as an official guide in the eternal city of Rome, my love since I was a little girl.
  • an expert… yes I am! I was born in a family involved in tourism, I grew up with a suitcase next to my bed. As a grown up girl I started my travel agency and I begun leading tours .
  • a master…. yes I am trying! I master the work of inspiring people in their journeys around the world.

Born Roman, raised Italian, at the age of 19 my desire of seeing and learning brought me to USA, my city was Boston, here beside the bostonian accent I learned english and much more. Neapolitan for love, yes I married the men of my dream, a true neapolitan, as a child I always repeated to myself that when I grow up I would have married a Neapolitan who would have made me laugh for the rest of my life. My living in Caserta made me love more that land of abundance in all senses.  Hungarian by choice, choice of the universe. Leaving in Budapest it opened a new great chapter in my life, I discovered a city that again was in my childhood dreams. I continue my passion for guiding and I was able to become a Docent at the Hungarian National Gallery and my love for art expand to the Hungarian painters.

My passions….. so many! I am a curious person so I love to learn lots of things, art and history I belive are my top interests but there is so much more. I love watercolor painting, I love photography, I love food and so cooking, I love cheese and I would like to learn how to make it. I also have an expensive passion……. shopping, what I buy the most? Purses!

My blog is my personal view of the world!