Castel Gandolfo and Papal summer residence

In Castel Gandolfo there is a a small Vatican outside the big Vatican in Rome. If you want to enjoy history of Papacy, curiosity inside the summer papal apartment, great view of a vulcano lake, old roman ruins of an imperial villa, great gardens of Popes, great roman food you have to take a day trip to Castelgandolfo.

This small town, in the so called Alban hills, the history go back to the founder of Rome and his twin brother, the famous Romulus and Remo. According to tradition Castel Gandolfo is the sight of the ancient Albalonga, founded by Ascanio the son of Enea , the hero escaped the city of Troy, successors of this family were Romulus and Remo, sons of the Vestal Vergin Rea Silvia who abandonment them on a basket on the Tiber River….. and then the mitical foundation of Rome , 21 of April 753 b.C.

The city of Castelgandolfo house the summer residence of the Popes, this incredible residence developed during fews centuries, inside of it you can discover a small museum where it is possible to understand what Papacy meant during the century when the Pope was consider a King, you discover uniforms of the noble guard of the Pope, objects belonged to Popes, Portraits of Popes and you will have the opportunity to visit the Pope’s private apartment. You will visit his private bedroom discovering the special events which took place in it.

The summer residence of the Pope is more, the nice stroll on an electrical golf cart make you discover the peaceful gardens of the Villa with the ruins of the Emperor Domitian spread here and there to make dream of the old roman days.

Castelgandolfo is also food, the town is famous of the festival of the peaches, but in the many restaurants of the small towns you can enjoy a great lunch or dinner overlooking the lake.

To do miss this great town and its history!